How To: Pronounce words in German

Pronounce words in German

German phonemes pronounced, each with example words. I tried to cover all letters and letter combinations which learners of the German language need to pay attention to.

One thing I forgot: Words that start with "Ch": here the CH is either pronounced as a K (Chor = choir, Chaos, Chamäleon, the city Chemnitz) or as a soft CH (the country China, Chicoreé = chicory).

"CHS": pronounced as "KS"! As in the words "wachsen" (to grow) and "der Lachs" (the salmon). Attention with compound nouns, where a "chs" is actually a "CH"+"S", and the CH is therefore pronounced as explained in the video!

And of course I could not talk about the many many many exceptions (the German language has many rules - and even more exceptions *g*). Most exceptions in pronunciation have their origin in the German's habit of using foreign words in their original spelling and a near-to-original pronunciation.

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