How To: Say hello, please & thank you in German

Say hello, please & thank you in German

This video teaches viewers how to say common phrases in German such as Hello, Please and Thank you! To say Hello, good day in German you would say 'Hallo, guten tag'! The portion of the phrase 'hallo' means Hello in German. Hello, Good morning in German is 'Hallo, guten morgen'. Hello, good evening means 'Hallo, guten abend' in German. 'Gute Nacht' means good night in German. If you would like to say Goodbye or See you again in some time, you would say 'Auf Wiedersehen' in German. If you know the person you are speaking to and would like to say bye you would say 'Tschuss' in German. To say see you soon you should say 'bis bald' in German. If you'd like to say see you later say 'bis spater!'. See you tomorrow is 'Bis morgen' in German. 'Bitte' in German means both please and you're welcome! Finally, to say thank you is 'danke' in German. Good luck on learning German!

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